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Implementation of ANSI E1.33


RDMnet is a library that implements ANSI E1.33, a standard by ESTA for entertainment technology. E1.33 extends the functionality of RDM (Remote Device Management, ANSI E1.20) onto IP networks. The RDMnet library is maintained by ETC.

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Binary Package

The RDMnet binary package is currently ported for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It includes the following components:

Run the binaries

The console applications can be invoked from the command line with no arguments to run with default settings. Use --help to check what usage options are available. For example:

rdmnet_broker_example --help

Note on Qt

The RDMnet Controller example application is distributed with binaries for Qt 5.9.7. This bundling is permitted under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v.3. For more information on this, see the disclaimer and the documentation.